Security Alarm Systems


Did You Know?

Most home burglaries happen during normal daily routines. The grocery store, picking up kids or church... they know your schedule.



What Do They Want?

One of the top things a burglar searches for are prescription drugs, this doesn't just apply to the elderly, there is a market for all types of prescription drugs.



How Much?

The average loss per burglary is $2119. You have more value in your home than you realize.



With over 1000 alarm systems installed and serviced, we know what concerns & worries you have. We are confident in making sure you excel at using your alarm. Call us for a free onsite visit.

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What about all those false alarms?

Say goodbye to the days of false alarms. Today's technology mixed with our support staff eliminates false alarms. We pride ourselves on are ability to teach the customer and have them feel confident on using the alarm system.


Our packages start at about $1 per day. We work with Renters, Homeowners, Apartments, Businesses, Barns, etc.

Let us help you customize what you want.

Security Equipment





Door Sensors

Window Sensors

Motion Detectors

Glass-break Sensors

Remote Controls





Smoke Detectors

Heat Detectors

CO Detectors





On Site Medical Pendant

4G Cellular Off Site Medical Pendant

Keypad Medical Panic Button




Flood Sensor

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